Mission Trips



We partner with established and newly planted churches in the US, Mexico, and South America. Most of our mission trips are short-term, Friday through Sunday, in one of our Baja California locations. We have also taken teams to Columbia and Costa Rica. The destinations are expanding rapidly as the Lord grows the ministry.


Once we arrive at our location, we group into teams of 3-5 people. Teams walk through the neighborhoods near the host church and engage in Gospel-based conversations. When we approach people, we offer a colorful gift along with an explanation of the colors (Gospel Colors presentation). The gift illustrates the free gift of eternal life. Some of the gifts we use are soccer balls, bracelets, wristbands and Frisbees.


In order to offer mission teams a safe and restful experience, we stay in a qualified hotel near the host church.  Hotels are always experienced by our missionaries before being approved for lodging mission teams.  Meal locations, as well, are previewed by our missionaries.  Typically, breakfast is provided at the hotel, lunch is supplied by the host church, and dinner is eaten at a local restaurant. The details vary from trip to trip, depending on the destination.


Mission trip safety counts among our highest goals.  For this reason, GCO missionaries establish a relationship with the partnering church and pastor prior to travel.  This type of connection allows us to know the community and to prepare for safety concerns ahead of time.  The partnering church chooses the neighborhoods where teams evangelize and help GCO research and select hotels and restaurants.  Evangelism teams visit neighborhoods in groups of 3-5 people, which always include an experienced leader, translator, and adult male.  Drivers for the teams are experienced and prepared with directions to the destination.

Experience the Power of Sharing the Gospel on a Mission Trip

Join us on one of our short-term mission trips to evangelize neighborhoods with newly planted churches. You will be equipped through our six-week training to share the Gospel presentation.

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“GCO takes the message of God’s salvation to the streets to share hope for people in need of his love and grace. Experiencing hundreds of men, women and children accepting Christ is the most beautiful work God has given us with the privilege to do. Every Christian should be encouraged to learn the simple presentation and join in the work of this worthy ministry.”  -Bonita

“My daughter, Krysta, and I had the opportunity to evangelize with GCO in a park in Oceanside. We got to share the Gospel with people we didn’t know for the first time. People flocked to our table wanting to hear about who Jesus is. It was a day we will remember into eternity!” -Lara

“My constant prayer for my children is that they will take their place in this world to win their generation for Christ.  The training from the Gospel Colors class and the park outreach equipped my ten-year old daughter to do what many adults have never done — to clearly share her faith and lead someone to Christ!” -Cynthia

“So glad my daughter had the opportunity to build such confidence in sharing the good news. I love the fact that she now LOVES sharing the gospel and will do so to anyone who will listen. What a great skill to have at such a young age. Thank you.” -Jenn

“As a direct result of our partnership with GCO, New Song has been able to lead over 5,000 people to Christ in the last three years. What could be better?” -Hal Seed, Sr. Pastor, New Song Community Church 2014

“I am humbled and honored to pray for GCO, their missionaries, mission trips and most of all for the Holy Spirit’s leading in everything they do, everyone they share Christ with, and the lives that are impacted by them on a daily basis. GCO is a huge blessing to our community. If you have not been on a Mission trip with GCO, I would encourage you too. It was a life changing experience for me, I am forever changed, and will be forever grateful. Thank you Jesus for GCO, continue to richly poor out your blessings upon this wonderful ministry!” -Rufina

“Never did I imagine myself walking the streets sharing the Gospel, and never did I imagine the overwhelming joy I experienced while doing it.” -Matt