First the Kingdom is an organization dedicated to partnering with churches in pursuit of sharing the gospel of Christ face to face with individuals who are in need of salvation. Our mission is to equip believers to share the gospel. In Matthew 9:37 Jesus says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” First the Kingdom is in the business of recruiting and equipping believers for the harvest. Once believers have been equipped, then we take them on an outreach or mission trip so they can practice sharing the gospel. When we are evangelizing, we use “tools of many colors” as gifts to share the gospel with people. We evangelize in areas where new churches are being planted so that the new believers are added to these new churches.


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Team Photo-Feb2015

Mexicali Mission Trip-February 2015

Esperanza de Vida Mission Trip  by Wilmer Pena, Founder Last weekend, FTK helped church planter Vicente Mesa and his congregation, Esperanza de Vida, in Mexicali. Here are the details by the numbers: · Face to face sharing of the Gospel: 136 encounters · Believers who shared in the neighborhood: 17 from the local church; 7 from…


Panama-July 2014

Panama Mission Trip by Jasleen Pena, 12yrs old My favorite part of Panama was going to different churches and evangelizing. My favorite day was Monday because the kids were really nice and I loved the  service. At the end of the day, they gave each of us a little hand bag as a gift. Before we went…

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